Sway and other Tiling Window Managers

A Tiling Window Manager organizes your screen into (mostly) non-overlapping windows or tiles. This makes redundant DomTerm’s builtin window management based on the GoldenLayout library. If you are using a Tiling Window Manager, you make want to disable the latter with the setting subwindows=no.

Sway is one of the more featureful and popular Tiling Window Managers for the Wayland desktop which is the standard for newer Linux and Unix-like systems. Using DomTerm under Sway is quite nice: DomTerm has builtin support for running under Sway, including defaulting to the setting subwindows=no.

To use DomTerm as your default terminal emulator, edit your ~/.config/sway/config file to change the default set $term foot to:

set $term domterm

This assumes domterm is in your $PATH.