Projects using DomTerm

When you run the Kawa REPL under Domterm, some extra niceties are enabled: If you print out a picture value it is shown as an (SVG) image. You can also print “html values”. The default prompt adds folding (a hide/show button), and some structure. Printing lists and other structures does dynamic pretty-printing. Debug printing of expressions includes folding and pretty-printing.

DtCalc.jl turns Julia’s REPL into an advanced graphical calculator.

The gnuplot graphing utility will print graphical output directly to the terminal if using DomTerm.

The Python better_exchook package prints stack traces with extended information such as relevant local variables. When run in DomTerm, it folds all the details of each stack frame away by default, and thus provides a much more comprehensive overview, while still providing all the details when needed.

The atom-domterm package for the Atom text editor provides a text editor in an Atom pane, fairly well integrated.

There is an experimental fork of the Theia IDE to use DomTerm for its terminal emulator.