The qtdomterm terminal emulator

The plan is to simplify qtdomterm so it just handles display. It will be invoked by the domterm command to handle display, while the domterm command manages jobs and sessions.

You start and use qtdomterm just like other terminal emulators such as xterm. In addition to the regular DomTerm features (colors, stylesheets, mouse-handling, embedded graphics, etc) it also supports multiple tabs and windows, convenient text zooming, and remote debugging,

qtdomterm [options] [[-e] command argument ...]

This runs the command, with the specified arguments, in a sub-process using a pty. The command defaults to the value of the SHELL environment variable.

The options include:

--connect host:port

This does not start an inferior command. Instead it connects to an already-running WebSocket server, as you might start with domterm --port port [command].

This is one way to run commands on a remote server.


Print a help message with options, and then exits.


Print the version number, and then exits.