Using the xterm.js emulator

If you choose, you can use the xterm.js terminal emulator instead of standard DomTerm emulator. To do so, you must have built DomTerm with the --with-xterm.js option to configure. To open a terminal using xterm.js set the xtermjs setting to true. You can have a mix of terminals, some with xtermjs=false and some with xtermjs=true.

The main advantage of using xterm.js is that it is very fast. Even faster if you specify xtermjs=webgl. You still benefit from many DomTerm features, including window managemenet with tabs and files; session management; a nice way to connect to remote computers; and more.

The disadvantage of using xterm.js is that many features are not available - see this page for a summary of missing functionality.

The xterm.js option is experimental. Perhaps someday we can combine the speed of xterm.js with the functionality of DomTerm.